Mask Movement: a study in unstoppable creativity

Find out whats behind an independent creative studio that doesnt seem to have borders maks histibe is the founder and visual director of the creative studio mask movement, focused on video production and design projects. He has collaborated on private initiatives, as well as for record companies such as black hole recordings, various internationally recognized artists, and companies such as panasonic, lumix, lensbaby, christian burns, kadebostany, and balkansky, among others. Mask movement a study in unstoppable creativity 2 mask movement his style, based on the use of visual elements that immediately attract attention, is the product of constant experimentation and its combination with music, where he finds his main source of inspiration.


Animation: Logo for Black Hole Recordings.

Learn more about mask movement, an photo retouching service independent creative studio focused on video production, motion graphics, and graphic design. Always, under the great premise of seeking to create original and outstanding projects of their kind. Creative movement united by the internet mask movement started operations in 2012, just when the internet became the best place to express ideas without limitations. Over the years, the studio has added to its list of collaborations a huge list of creatives from different parts of the world. Its mission is to make every good idea evolve into a project that impacts the public. Mask movement a study in unstoppable creativity 5 mask movement international recognition mask movements projects have been part of various galleries on behance, including materials made with premiere pro and after effects, as well as audio and graphic design work.

photo retouching service

Music Videos: No Warning Lights.

Likewise, they have been selected by BSB Directory various platforms such as billboard, complex, vimeo, dezeen and askaudio. Below, we present three projects that will help you learn more about the essence of the work of this studio. Editorial design brain restart every day, people consume an amount of information that simply could have been inconceivable for other generations, and that is even today for those who live far from any access to technology. The clear overload of information generates emotions that, without a doubt, interfere with our daily lives. As an initiative to help people release the tension caused by the bombardment of information, brain restart emerged , a book designed to help those who read it to connect with internal dialogues and disconnect from external stimuli.

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