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Do you have an online store? Then you want Phone Number your visitors to buy your stuff. There are two options: wait until the customer has a reason to buy or give the visitor a reason to buy. So you want to influence consumer behavior in such a way that a purchase is made today and not next week.

This way you not only increase turnover, but you also smartly respond to Phone Number seasons, capacity or supply. Giving a reason to buy is also referred to as a  in marketing terminology . Literally translated as an immersive event, but really nothing more than giving the consumer a reason to buy now instead of Kuwait Phone Number delaying the purchase. The big question now is: how do you ensure that consumers no longer postpone their purchase?

As part of our ongoing series of digital marketing strategy webinars, we have assembled a panel of speakers who bring insights and best practices related explicitly to driving leads and conversion rate optimization in the manufacturing field:

  • Neal Lappe – WSI certified agency and co-author of “Digital Minds: A Strategic Approach to Connecting and Engaging with Your Customers Online”;
  • Marty Greif – WSI partner, with over 25 years as a conversion expert;
  • Steve Condit – WSI certified agency, with 30 years experience in manufacturing marketing.

You can watch the recording here, but check out our blog post for a summary of our discussion.

The state of the Union in Manufacturing

Here are some manufacturing marketing stats:

  • 45% of manufacturers said that they were not sure how many leads convert on their website.
  • Only 30% of marketers in manufacturing feel that they are using their web and social content effectively.
  • 40% of companies say they saw significant cost savings by using digital marketing to promote their products or services.
  • 75% of manufacturers plan to use video on their website.

You About Promote Your Business

If you sayyou say Cialdini, known for his Phone Number principles of influencing. I would like to elaborate on one of his principles: scarcity. Imagine: you are shopping online, see a nice pair of pants and they are still available in your size. ‘3 more items available’.

Then you order anyway, because otherwise it will be too late and you will regret it. In any case, that’s how it is Kuwait Phone Number for me. In this example you get a reason to buy now and not to wait any longer. The principle is the same as a compelling event. You only take a bigger approach in the case of a compelling event by organizing an event with a reason. Of course Kuwait Phone Number it has to be real and not that the pants are still available after 3 sales.

What Warren Buffett Can Teach

Another example. You sell air Kuwait Phone Number conditioners. We can all imagine that sales are booming in the summer. Logical, because it is 30+ degrees, warm in everyone’s house and customers even want to pay extra if you can deliver in the short term.

That’s a different story in the winter. Then Phone Number you can easily deliver quickly, but there is no question. In this case, with a compelling event you want to spread the sales better over the year and spread the peak in the summer over the rest of the year Kuwait Phone Number.

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