Most of You of Course Already Know What

most of you of course already know what google ads is, this is just a review to add insight together. Google ads is an online advertising program from google. Through google ads, we can create online ads to reach the most appropriate people. By reaching the right people in your ad, it will be easier to get people interested in the products and services we offer.

When we place ads on google ads, basically

there are many ways we can do it. One of them is targeting keywords or keywords. The keywords targeted by google ads use sophisticated advertising strategies, so that the keywords we choose can maximize the campaign.

Furthermore, google ads makes it easy to show the  uniqueness of our business to the public. You can reach customers who are searching for the most suitable product or service that you offer. The ability of google ads to customize ads based on the results we want makes digital marketing strategies using google ads the choice of many business people.

Looks easy? Of course! Google ads is easy if you

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understand the basic settings. But not a few are trapped and do not get optimal results when running a promotional strategy using google ads. Errors that often arise are errors in determining keywords in google ads.

What are the mistakes that you should avoid when choosing or specifying keywords in google ads? Here’s the full review for you!

1. Wrong in choosing the main keyword
wrong in choosing main keywords

keywords or keywords are phrases that people will use when searching for information on the internet. You certainly already understand, that most people will do a search on the google search engine, even though there are many search engines other than google , in fact people will Hong Kong Phone Number tend to choose google. It’s as if it’s already attached, that looking for information is by using google.

You certainly already know how search engines work, this artificial intelligence utilizes algorithms that are constantly being updated. Simply put, search engines work based on phrase matches, between the searched phrase and the source phrase or available content. In our case as a business actor, this phrase is called a buying keyword, which is a phrase in a keyword that has a commercial ‘word’.

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