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Conversions, then click on edit the specific Phone Number target, in the drop-down menu, choose Secondary action (only observe) . Convert Google Ads conversions from primary to secondary. After that you will need to import the conversions from GA4: under. Tools and Settings click on Measurement – ​​Conversions. Choose New conversion action. then import and choose Google Analytics 4 properties. Then click continue and save.

Conversions from GA4 are shown as primary conversions in Google Ads by default. The advantage Phone Number of this last option is that you continue to see the same goal in Google Ads, but only the goal that you import from GA4 is included in the bid optimizations within your campaigns Albania Phone Number.

How to Build an Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

So, now that you know more about influencer marketing, how do you build an influencer marketing campaign? Here are some important steps to help you plan:

1. Set your goals and KPIs

Before you kick off any influencer campaign you need to nail down your goals or KPIs for the campaign. Are you looking to raise brand awareness, promote a new product or drive leads?

2. Confirm your budget

At this stage, you need to confirm the budget you will need for the influencer to promote your brand or product. The costs vary depending on the influencer, network and scope of the campaign. Use this media budget planner to keep track.

3. Choose your network

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In addition, you can see in Google Phone Number Ads what the differences are between the conversions from Universal Analytics and GA4. And these differences will certainly be there, because of the different measurement methods.

Keep in mind that no historical data is import Albania Phone Number  from GA4. So from the moment you put the conversions from GA4 into Google Ads, you will see the data appear and the conversions before that date Albania Phone Number will not be includ in the Google Ads reports.

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Export reports from Universal Analytics If you Albania Phone Number want to make sure that you want to keep certain data from Universal Analytics, you can always export reports to a CSV, Excel or PDF file or to Google Sheets. Then you know for sure that you can continue to see the data Albania Phone Number from past years. It is just not possible to import this. Data back into.

Google Analytics 4, since this is another measurement. Method and the reports are Albania Phone Number therefore structure differently. Switching completely now? In any case, it is wise to already create a Google Analytics 4 property.

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