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Means inventing new technology” When you see the word “new” you subconsciously think of improvement, exciting and I want it. According to psychological studies, new products, solutions and a sense of adventure have an impact on creating a new level of product. See Apple’s description of its new iPhone 5 and its design. It is a new design, with new technology. It seems excessive when this is done but it is not. Dr. Bianca Wittmann is a cognitive neurologist who studies how copywriters use language to influence consumers. She uses her obsession with the candy industry to create “new” products.

As an example: “I may have my own favorite candy bar, but if I see a different bar wrapper, advertised as new and improved in taste, my search for new experiences may encourage me to something other Denmark WhatsApp Number List my usual choice.” Consumers associate positive things with everything new – they are constantly wanting a new car, new clothes and new technology. As an online seller, you must play an important role with this. If you sell clothes online , for example, create a section with all your latest products.

Make Sure The Description

press release, and blog post use the word “new” and focus on selling new products. 3. Free The word “free” doesn’t just refer to price – it’s a powerful emotional weapon and an irrational source of emotion. You know that feeling when you arrive at a buffet, and even if you’re satisfied you keep eating because it’s free. Or maybe it happens to you when you find all those free pens that you take from a conference and you know you will never use it again, but you still take them. That is the power of the word “free”. Nobody knows the power of this word like Amazon.

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In 1999, Amazon started using this word when advertising free shipping on orders over $99. Since this action was taken, they have been experimenting with this and refining their marketing strategy in the best way to take competitive advantage of our desire for what is free. I know, I feel guilty that I bought another book ($10+ cost) just to save 3.95 on shipping. Gregory Ciotti, founder of Sparring Mind , argues that the word “free” exposes humanitarian loss aversion . Speaking of economics, loss aversion describes the idea that people will frequently choose not to lose something (money).

Rather Than Gain Something

even if its cost is relatively higher. To clarify this point, Ciotti refers to the search of the famous professor of behavioral economics, Dan Ariely. In a series of experiments, Ariely found that consumers will choose something free over something relatively low-cost, even when that low-cost item represents higher overall value. In November 2012, the policies changed and free shipping now requires a $75 minimum purchase. The average retail order rose to around $80 . People spend more to get something free – considering that offering free shipping, after a purchase, benefits your online store the most.

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