Of course it was already called 228 In the sister pavilion

under the flower stand, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was because the bougainvillea above made the group of sisters flamboyant. laugh. However, the new park is different from the legends of the predecessors. It is open and open. I feel that there is no desire and no evil. I went to the toilet and became a public toilet rose. After standing for 20 minutes, nothing happened, so I left. The new park is the new park where I read from the novel that the police would come with batons and make all the sisters look pale and shout, hurry up and teach me—the new park? It doesn’t feel like it, and it doesn’t look like it from any angle.

The Shin Kong Building stood majestically there

with its back to it and its feet spread apart. and bend down. “Look, look, the Shin Kong Building is in my ass.” When we returned to campus, we put on our most splendid costumes and went on the stage of an English drama to “be ourselves”. A group of gay men, scattered across many classes, took home a dozen Best Actor awards. The classmates Norway Phone Number below clamored, that’s not acting, that’s themselves. Being able to be yourself on stage, is that your true self? The actors are affectionate, the world has no justice, and those who are seen often just try to get close. Falling in love is easy, getting along is hard. The young comrades don’t know yet that there is another, bigger world outside the campus walls.

There may be greater darkness, but there are

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also more possibilities. more of the same kind. We are like a troop of lemmings, knowing that there is a cliff of love ahead, or marching away, putting on Abercrombie & Fitch for ourselves, wearing cropped work pants, and turning ourselves into the same person with blurred faces and similar clothes. We have never been the same, yet we long to be the same as everyone else. “Reject mothers.” “Sisters do not disturb.” “Only look for men like men.” Are we getting braver and really finding ourselves, or are we lonelier?

The end of an era is indeed the beginning of an era. Perhaps the biggest change in the lives of gays of my generation has been the Internet. In the second half of the 1990s, BBS allowed people to create an ID to hide behind the screen, in forums, between platforms, allowing gays to express themselves and keep writing, writing, telling the world that I am not alone, and neither are you. The Internet has made it easier for people to make an appointment. Give a string of numbers and paste a link to the photo, okay? I have a place. It is more convenient to buy sex toys, silicone dildo, handcuffs, candles, leather and hemp rope. From the text platform to the online dating platform, Qimo dating, switching to Sweet Potato Vine, and now Facebook, the story has continued, and we can even seize the entire Internet space here and there.

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