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While Generation Z relies Finland Phone Number almost blindly on influencers for a purchase, the other generations look at reviews and webshop quality marks. And where the baby boomers prefer to go to the physical supermarket, Generation Z knows where to find the flash deliverers. There are quite a few differences in online buying behavior between generations, which you as a marketer can respond to smartly By Generation Z they mean all young people between 14 and 24 years old.

This group has now (partially) entered the labor market. This is Finland Phone Number reflected, for example, in the use of the (mainly business) social media channel LinkedIn. More and more digital teenagers know how to find this channel for their business life. Although they are not (yet) actively Finland Phone Number using it.

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To say that the impact of advertisements Phone Number on social media should not be underestimated is an understatement. 2 in 5 social media users indicate that they have become acquainted with new brands through advertisements on social media. In addition is a source of inspiration Finland Phone Number for 3 out of 10 Dutch people.

Among Gen Z and Millennials, these percentages are even higher, at 65% and 51% (Gen. Z) and 54% and 44% (Millennials), respectively. This is apparent from the latest edition of ‘What’s happening Online?’. Every year Ruigrok NetPanel conducts research into the trends in the Phone Number online behavior of the Dutch. In this article we share the most interesting insights from this research.

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How to reach this group? Through social Phone Number media! This is the source of inspiration for this group and the number of online purchases is high in this generation. An influencer or someone who Phone Number recommends a product is more important than the brand or company itself.The use of influencers and the placing of advertisements on the various channels quickly pulls this group over the threshold. Two thirds of this group follows 1 or more influencers. And almost 75% sometimes take action after seeing a Finland Phone Number contribution from an influencer. Just directly over the phone.

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