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Ricardo Salinas warns that “it should not please everyone”. Within the digital world, digital applications are the tools that dominate the conversation. Since it is through them that countless tasks can be carrie out. From viewing and enjoying streaming content. Playing games, editing photos and videos, communicating through messages and video calls. Online shopping and much more, so it is important that brands and companies consider the integration of these digital tools.

However, it is not always enough to implement the appropriate digital sisters for consumer use. But rather the qualities that the user is looking for within the app must be taken into account.  So that their user experience is completely pleasant, in this situation.

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Ricardo Salinas Belize phone number his app after being criticize on social networks. Ricardo Salinas defends his app against criticism Within the social network Twitter. A discussion was reveal between a Twitter user who made a comment in his personal profile stating that one of the applications belonging to the . Ricardo Salinas emporium is not very useful for people who suffer from visual impairment.

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How to keep in touch with your co-workers while working remotely. The complaint points to an app belonging to one of Ricardo Salinas’ companies.  It was post as a comment on Twitter by the user. In which the following can be read. Other banks already implement other types of of income or ways to log in, what’s more, you already do it”.

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The user indicates in the comments the reason why he considers that the app should improve.  In the conversation he indicates the following.  They send a WhatsApp code, they ask me to verify my cell phone, and even email. Which is why those of us who are blind could well skip this step if you so wish.”

Furthermore, he adds: “it is more. They even ask us to write the six-digit password to confirm operations. Which is request when we are already inside the application”. The affect person later state in various comments his reason for publicly exposing a complaint of discrimination.  Since within the comments the following can be read. “I request the intervention of the, and, in this case of discrimination towards blind people exercisd by this situation.

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