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Twitter, in which a first complaint was file indicating the delivery. Of a package in terrible conditions, and in a second post.  The affect party denounc an alleg modus operandi . Of theft by two employees belonging to . DHL The complaint in networks Are you looking for a job too? Within the social network Twitter.

A conflict generate between a user and the . DHL parcel company was disclose.  The affect user indicates that she receive a package in apparent poor condition. Within the complaint she adds a couple of photographs as evidence.  However, a major conflict arose when two company workers were report to be carrying out robberies within the company.

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The first case was present by . Who Belarus phone number out the following: “Thus the delivery of , everything arrive broken because of putting heavy things . It is within the conversation of this first complaint that a second comment was made . Which denounces the alleg way in which two employees of the parcel company constantly carry out thefts.

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Within the second comment, made by the user . The report of theft can be seen, and it is a way of commenting that the complainant points out that. My package was stolen, they have 2 workers who are dedicate to retaining packages arbitrarily names Bryan leon Hernández and . Luis Alberto castro fiesco they open and steal the packages they take more than a month to deliver the packages for the videos to be delete.

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It is worth mentioning that within the conversation so far no type of position has been generate by the company.  Nor have more testimonies been present.  What is known is that the intention to place the complaint within the social network. It is to alert and prevent consumers from possible package theft in the future.

“All that was missing was that now people’s blindness is also my fault and that . I have to please everyone with my App.  Don’t be an asshole that there are ways to enter with a username and password”. User points out that the Banco Azteca app is complicat for blind people. The affect seeks an investigation for reasons of discrimination.

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