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What “humanities” could define our degree?  Allow us to act on our reality, individually and collectively. Those that are not limited to knowing but that give tools to know how to do. Those that help us reflect on the meaning of human acts, processes, institutions…, in order to find the keys to interpret ourselves, those that carry out a critical-interpretive task to deconstruct meaning.

We know about ourselves when we know about the works in which we aim.  When we analyze the language with which we expose the meaning of our thinking and acting. Thus these Humanities would become, at bottom, a knowledge about us.

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How to define the “I”? The Brain and “Joy” (We Are Our Connections 10) . Initial reflection On February 28, 1571, at the age of 38.  The French essayist Michel de Montaigne decided to make a radical change in his life. He left his career in public life. Assembled a thousand-volume library in a tower located in a secluded corner of his property. And spent the rest of his life writing essays on the complex, fleeting, and protein subject he was most interested: himself.

His first conclusion was that trying to know oneself is a futile undertaking.  Because the self is constantly changing and defying any firm description. But that didn’t stop him from further researching.  And his question has resonated through the centuries: Que sais-je? (What do I know?) . How can we get to know ourselves? Only with science? With introspection and meditation? Consider the following.  Peripheral nervous systems use one hundred million neurons to control the activities of the intestines (the so-called enteric nervous system).

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Can introspection Job Function Email Database one hundred million neurons? In fact, it is better to function as the automated and optimized machinery that it is. Transporting food through the intestines and emitting chemical signals to control the digestion factory without wondering . What we think about it. Much of what we are remains out of our opinion or choice. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Could we do that? Probably not.

Our most basic impulses are sculpted in our nervous circuit and are inaccessible to us. Some things are more appealing to us than others, and we don’t know why. Almost our entire inner universe is alien to us. And not just the functioning of the body. The ideas that go through our minds, what we think during a dream, the content of our dreams, most of the things we like, the desire that someone awakens in us…: all this arises from the invisible intracranial caverns.

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