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Automated technological innovation has gain ground in practically every aspect of daily life.  The integration of artificial intelligence promises to provide powerful effective improvements. With which consumers streamline all kinds of tasks. However, this growing technology still has various limitations. Such is the case report on networks where it is point out that far from facilitating purchases.  This new purchase automation only hinders the purchase process.

Currently, various companies have sought ways to integrate various autonomous processes within their daily activities. With the promise of improving the customer’s consumption experience, facilitating various daily tasks such . As the autonomous purchase of products not only with the disappearance of the staff of cashiers. But directly by charging bank cards through cameras and sensors.

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My dream job: The soap Algeria phone number artist Self-checkout boxes . The self-collection boxes are the promise of streamlining the purchase mode for users. Which allow faster and more efficient collections, at least in theory.  However, in networks it has been comment that far from speeding up the process.  These boxes hinder the way of buying and generate more problems than solutions.

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On the social network Twitter. The user  points out the following: “They should eliminate the . “Membership renewal” option in their self-payment boxes, when you indicate no. It is block. It only hinders the quick exit and the employee with her slowness. Who has to go to another box to unlock and make arguments…

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Sam’s Carrizal, Villahermosa” The comment made shows that even the practicality that this type of automatic improvements intend to offer is in the process of improvement. It is worth mentioning that only constant use will be able to show the errors to be improve. For this reason it is important to take into account the comments that they make users constantly. Since they are what determine the success or failure of the initiatives.

The integration of automatic processes in stores . Although it is still common to find train personnel for customer service in collection.  Organization and cleaning processes inside stores, autonomous machinery has begun to be integrate that performs these functions, displacing human labor, with the intention of improving processes.

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