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The hippocampus is where conscious memory sits. In general, we do not have memories older than about three years, because so far the hippocampus has not mature. The conscious memories that the hippocampus handles are of many types, depending on the approach we are addressing. There is a recent memory and a long one; a “recognizing” and a spatial, etc., and also a recently propose “working memory”.

The hippocampus does all this in close collaboration with the cortex of the temporal lobe. Locate on the inner part above the hippocampus, and with the parahippocampal gyrus or entorinal cortex. In the entorhinal cortex is where Alzheimer’s disease begins.  And memory disorders that occur at the beginning of this disease typically affect recent information.

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Alzheimer’s patients don’t Thailand phone number what happen an hour ago, but they are able to talk enthusiastically about their schoolmates. Not all recent information is store in long-term memory. Who would want to remember all the details of everything he has done throughout his life, every conversation, every word in every book? This would pose enormous difficulties in locating and retrieving truly important information.

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For instance, What is normally filter for long-term memory storage depends on the importance of the information and the emotional charge that the moment possesses. However, The amygdala , which is just in front of the hippocampus in the temporal lobe, puts its stamp on a memory that has a strong emotional charge.

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And the stress hormone, cortisol, is also involve. The amygdala marks distressing events in such a way that they are store forever in long-term memory. Hence, 80% of our first memories are relate to negative experiences, as demonstrate by Douwe Draaisma. Remembering fear, anguish, and pain is more important to our survival than positive memories.

The amygdala is the system of the brain . Therefore, Where the alarm is perceivd and generate.  With its sensations of varying intensity of calm, fear and anger. And the consequent reactions of relaxation, escape or struggle, respectively. Naturally, these sensations form a type of memory, the emotional one.  Which, although originally unconscious.  In other words, Can be consciously process in the cerebral cortex with some delay with respect to the events that cause it.

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