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That’s not necessarily about giving things away for free, it’s India Phone Number List about helping. So make sure that that knowledge or those tools end up with the right people. People have a strong tendency to want to help each other in times of adversity. In your brand’s or organization’s community. It’s now more important than ever to give people the opportunity to help each other. Not India Phone Number List everything has to come from you, that is not even the intention. So give One Of Our Students people the opportunity to help each other. Through your platform or thanks to your mediation. Think of things like a free consultation on matters in your field, where you can share your thought leadership without having to talk about money.

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This is possible in a large organisation, but you can also do this India Phone Number as a freelancer in communication or marketing. Short, factual, concise and inclusive, so also for people who would normally never be able to pay for your services. Look around you.  Half of the SME’s are India Phone Number List dying. Why not give those people free advice, free content, an upgrade for their website (including webshop) at the bare cost, or thanks to your network an extra-large reach for their services? You may be that last straw. We know from research that people who have ever been really helped by a company or organization will not forget the name of that club.

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Connect people and technology In this hybrid world in which we are India Phone Number List present both offline and online, and collaborate with each other, as a company and as a professional, it is actually about these questions: what do we want to mean, and for whom? And how can India Phone Number List we use technology for that? In the online conference Digital Workspace Event (by Frankwatching), researcher and trend watcher Saskia Nijs (affiliated with the VU and the media lab SetUp) gave an interesting story about this. Technology is still mostly the domain of the boys and girls of the IT department. Everyone knows the eternal battle between the IT people and the rest of the staff at any organization. This cultural divide must be closed if we want to make better use of the possibilities of people and the technology that has helped us through the virus crisis.

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