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Generate a lot of interactivity with the user and that you should never leave out are those of Halloween, Christmas and New Year. build_calendar_of_contents_dates.png 4. Specify the category of content Now, once we have reached this point, it will be necessary to specify the category of our content, what do I mean by that? All the information you generate should be oriented to the sections that you have imposed in your content strategy . Among your categories you can include motivational, health or beauty phrases depending on the category of your company.

Others can be branding, where the content will have to talk about your company, for example, if you have a restaurant you can publish about Jordan WhatsApp Number List most outstanding dish. You should even have a category for online contests. It’s up to you! 5. Define the format of the content Choosing the content format is very important to reach your audience, you must know how to choose how your content will be treated. The formats can be videos , blog posts, gifs, webinars, ebooks, etc. If you have very long content, you can treat it like an infographic to make it more digestible.

An Experiential Talk Or Event

That you want to promote would fit perfectly in a video format, audiovisual material always attracts more user attention. build-calendar-of-contents-format.png 6. Therefore, Define el copy Once you know what theme, type and format of content you are going to make, you must define the copy of the image or video that you will publish if necessary, no matter how minimal the text is, you must include it so that there are no errors. The copy of Facebook , Twitter, Instagram or social network that you use also be necessary. Remember that this small transcript must complement the post that…


In which you can put more details if it is a contest or offer. Therefore, You can even place links to your website or any internal page to which you want to redirect it for more information. build_calendar_contents_copy.png 7. Calendar apps On the internet you can find various templates to build your content calendar, you must choose those that best fit your strategy and these points that I have mentioned. All calendars must include a field for the publication date, the subject or topic, the content format, the post title

The Category And The Status

of your publication, that is, whether it was or not. Therefore, Also, do not forget to insert a free space where. You can make an extra dimension such as the hashtag. Or links that you want to use. Here is an example of the content calendar that. Therefore, I usually Use a template for each type of social network. And last but not least, use a calendar template for each. Type of social network, it is better to have them separately so that there is no crossing of information.

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