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An antisocial personality disorder Psychologists Angela Scarpa and Adrian Raine [16]they measure differences in brain function between people who had been diagnose with an antisocial personality disorder, a syndrome characterize by total indifference to the feelings and rights of others, and which is very common among the criminal population.

he researchers found that the antisocial personality disorder was more likely to occur . When brain abnormalities were combine with a history of adverse experiences. In other words, if we have brain problems but are educate in a good place. We can end up being a normal person. If our brains are fine but our home is horrible. It is still possible that we will end up being normal people. But if you suffer from mild brain damage and have a bad home environment.

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These examples Greece phone number that neither biology alone nor the environment alone determine the end product of the personality. When it comes to confronting genetics and the environment.  The answer is that they almost always influence both. Is it possible that understanding the interactions between genes and the environment can produce preventative approaches? Should we modify genes once we understand them? We have seen that not everyone who suffers child abuse ends up committing violent acts as an adult.

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Historically, sociologists have focus on social experiences that could protect some children . (E.g., can we rescue children from a abusive home and raise them in a safe and caring environment?). But what has not yet been explore is the protective role of genes.  That is, whether genes can protect against environmental attacks. It won’t be long before someone proposes a gene therapy for these situations: a vaccine against violence. But this type of intervention has one drawback: genetic variation is beneficial.

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We need variation to produce artists, athletes, accountants, architects, and so on. The “variation observe in certain genes of Indian macaques and humans.  But apparently not in other primate species, may in fact contribute to their extraordinary adaptability and resistance at the species level” [17 ] . We are completely unaware of which genetic combinations end up being most beneficial to societ.  And this ignorance is the strongest argument against genetic intervention.

Also, depending on the environment in which one finds oneself.  The same set of genes could be the cause of excellence rather than crime. We neither choose our genetics nor the environment in which we grow up, let alone the interaction of the two. We inherit a genetic program and are born


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