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Merge What the Flemish say: to merge According to the Dutch Bahrain Phone Number List stakeholders. The merger of the Dutch Ahold and the Belgian Delhaize in 2016 was a matter of ‘merging’ and for the Flemish stakeholders a matter of ‘merging’. 24. Love vs. like to see What Bahrain Phone Number List the Dutchman says: love What the Flemish say: to love or to see ‘I love you,’ says the Fleming when he or she loves you. Fortunately, my Flemish girlfriend often says this to me. 25. Real Estate Considerably Layered Decision vs. real estate What the Dutchman says: real estate or real estate What the Flemish say: real estate or immo The Flemish variant is a loanword from German. The Belgian equivalent of funda.nl is called immoweb.be .

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Job vs. Job What the Dutchman says: job What the Bahrain Phone Number lemish say. job An English loanword on the Flemish side of the border. Never believe anyone who says that Flemish people keep the Dutch language ‘purer’. What is called a working student in the Netherlands, is called a working student in Flanders. 27. List vs. frame What the Dutchman says list What the Bahrain Phone Number List Flemish say. Frame We are talking here about framing a painting, for example. A shopping list is simply called a shopping list in Flanders. 28. Making a Complaint vs. file a complaint What the Dutchman says. Filing a complaint What the Flemish say: to file a complaint I have often had to file a complaint in Flanders.

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Man man man, that bureaucracy here! 29. Student room vs. kot What Bahrain Phone Number List the Dutchman says: student room What the Fleming says: kot A Dutch student moves into rooms, his Flemish counterpart moves into a room. After ten years in Belgium I am Bahrain Phone Number List still not used to the word ‘kot’. The word reminds me of a ruin, a slum, a pigsty, and certainly not a living space for people. But that’s me. Don’t care. 30. Microwave vs. microwave(oven) What the Dutchman says: microwave What the Flemish say: microwave (oven) You will never ever hear the word microwave oven in the Netherlands or the word microwave in Flanders, unless from the mouth of an immigrant like me.

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