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Now during corona, a big part of this will be the safety Estonia Phone Number List measures. How is the flow of visitors in a concert hall arranged? What time in advance do you have to be somewhere? Can you still look at art in all halls because of the 1,5 meters? Also ask your visitors experiences and share them.Culture Marketing Experiences Think of the total experience Music Estonia Phone Number List podium. TivoliVredenburg recently published the results of their public survey about corona. 96 percent of the 2000 respondents felt safe in the concert halls thanks to the measures. Part of the positive score was the good information on the website and the email with instructions in text, photography and video prior to their visit.

Through The Contact

But this kind of practical information is also important to Estonia Phone Number communicate outside of corona. Not only because it says something about how your organization or institution works. But also to lower barriers. Young people indicate that they do not always Estonia Phone Number List understand the conventions or ‘rules’ in a museum, gallery or concert hall . That is discouraging. An email prior to your visit with information about what you are going to see. But also whether you can drink coffee somewhere afterwards can help. A relevant podcast or video? This too can be shared before or after a visit, just like ‘suggestions’ for a next visit. In addition to the content, always think of the total experience.

Moments That Your Prospects

Estonia Phone Number List

Reaching a younger, more local audience The lack of museum Estonia Phone Number List visits seems to be due to the lack of tourists and an older target group. Of course, for example by properly communicating the corona measures, you can reassure the older target group to pay Estonia Phone Number List a visit. But it is also interesting for cultural institutions to target a younger and/or more local audience. In other words: a target group that is essentially prepared to go out. In order to tap into these (for some institutions relatively new) target groups, you need to know well what you stand for as a cultural institution and why you are also interesting for them. Give your organization a face with culture marketing Include your followers in the story of your organization.

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