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The brain is not a recorder, which has important consequences, especially in the judicial sphere. The testimony of an eyewitness is a bastion of the judicial system. Most people assume that memory is like a department store . Where a search can be make to extract an exact memory of the past and report on it. Although science finds that memory is not organize in this way. Many social institutions still rely on old theories about memory.

Lawyers who rely on eyewitness testimony. As well as police who gather witnesses around a case.  Know that witnesses can unconsciously distort the accuracy of the data. But they tend to treat that possibility as an exception, not as the norm. The inability of our species for lasting memory is thought to be extremely useful to most people.

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Throughout the day we Philippines phone number countless decisions in a wide range of situations. If each new decision require precise logic and proof of the effectiveness of a previous decision.  We would be machines ill-suit to the new challenges. This is why it is difficult to remember a complex logical reasoning and a whole set of derive principles when trying to formulate a new idea.

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We are utilitarian ethics, extremely situational. Why do we interpret the information so that it fits into some preconceive scheme about the world or about ourselves? The left side of the brain is responsible for these interpretations. Experiment: right hemisphere – left hemisphere In the study that most clearly show the left hemisphere’s ability and need to interpret information.  An image of a snow-cover house in the winter was present to the patient’s right hemisphere. Left hemisphere an image of a chicken leg.

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Hypnosis and False Memories Sometimes in hypnotic traffic. It seems as if the hypnotize subject is recovering past memories of which he had no idea. But on many occasions it has been found that these seemingly forgotten memories were. In fact fabricate by the subject himself and did not correspond to a real fact.

This explains why it was thought that the hypnotist could retrieve memories of other lives of the subject. When in reality they were nothing more than fables of the subject himself.  Without the subject realizing the false nature of his alleg recover memories. It is experimentally proven that being willing to be hypnotize is a major risk factor for producing false memories.

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