These 4 Parts in Your Press Kit UAE Phone Number

As a PR professional you want to take as much work off the hands of journalists as possible. Before a story can be published, a journalist must do research. The easier you make this UAE Phone Number research, the greater your chance of publication. A well-stocked press kit saves both you and journalists a lot of time. If you bundle relevant information, photos and UAE Phone Number facts in a central location, reporters immediately have the information they need to come up with a good story. That way they don’t have to ask you for that anymore. In this article you can read what a press kit is, what it should UAE Phone Number contain and how and where to publish your press kit. What is a press kit?

What is a press kit UAE Phone Number

A press kit is the gathering place for all the information  UAE Phone Number about your organization that a journalist needs. The aim is that your press kit contains all the data needed to UAE Phone Number  publish a story about your organization, without the person having to speak to you. In PR, the idea is often still alive that personal contact is always better. However, many situations are conceivable in which it is beneficial to be able to fall back on a source that UAE Phone Number answers (almost) all questions.

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What’s in a press kit UAE Phone Number

A press kit is always available. Also outside office hours UAE Phone Number and if your phone is red hot all day and you are therefore difficult to reach. And an even more important reason: journalists do not always have the time and inclination to call after information. You always want to make work as easy as possible for UAE Phone Number the press. A good press kit is part of this. What’s in a press kit? In a press kit you collect all the information a journalist may need when writing a story about your organization. Make sure your press kit contains the following 4 parts: 1. Company Describe your organization in a few sentences. Why were you  UAE Phone Number founded? What do you contribute to the world? And what is your ambition? This helps journalists discover your ‘why’. This lays a nice foundation on which the rest of your press UAE Phone Number kit builds.

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