Product Analysis Thailand Phone Number Report: Home Furnishing Industry Xiaohongshu, Alibaba’s “Lying Flat” APP

Liping is Alibaba’s home improvement platform. Based on full-link digital transformation, it provides services to consumers through user customization Thailand Phone Number and scenario-based services, and provides end-to-end overall solutions. The Laiping series of products consists of four parts, the Laiping APP, the Taobao-Laiping channel, the Laiping designer and the Laiping supply chain.

Operation and promotion methods

The official Weibo of the Laiping APP is a high-quality blog with conscientious content. First of all, the page design of the Laiping APP is very simple and refreshing, and the design of the APP Icon and the small category icons are also very lively and interesting. The official Weibo of Laiping continues the style of the APP, which is refreshing and interesting, and the content is extremely comfortable.

From the content point of view, the official blog can be roughly classified as: lying flat users high-quality original content sharing, lying flat’s own Thailand Phone Number daily pictorial sharing, APP hidden function analysis, festival event lottery, occasional topic participation lottery, new peripheral lottery and so on.

In addition, create a high-quality long-term topic #一周一画#, #Show you a good thing#, you can see that the topic’s popularity is gradually increasing, among which #Show you a good thing#The topic of rental house renovation (small room version) There are 2K retweets and 1.6k likes. The tone of the blog is also very interesting: after the lottery, you will lose fans! Looking at the people one by one, they left! How can it be like this! The official blog also interacts more frequently with comments from fans.

Product Structure Diagram

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The main functional modules include: community module (home page), circle module, message module, me module, and some important sub-modules include: the publishing module represented by the “+” icon placed in the middle of the bottom tab Thailand Phone Number navigation bar, and existing in both community and The search module of the circle, the detailed classification section under the circle, and the registration and login modules that you can see when you log in for the first time.

As can be seen from the structure diagram, the various modules of Xiaohongshu are very clearly classified, interrelated but not interfering with each other, and commonly used functions can be found quickly, giving users a concise and lively use effect, which is the duality of vision and experience. Harvest.

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