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How do we ensure rapid brand awareness? How do we add Morocco Phone Number List class and elegance to our brand? A proven method is the Famous Dutchman, or if you want to go international, the celebrity endorser ! Today we also have the influencer. A special celebrity who Morocco Phone Number List comes across as your friend, credible and therefore also arouses more sympathy. But what if that celebrity gets involved in a scandal? Will you suffer damage as a brand? And what if you are not a brand but an artist? Or if you don’t represent a brand, but a movement? A few personal brands to illustrate When golfer Tiger Woods was accused of cheating, the world fell on him. Wood’s sponsorship deal with Nike remained intact.

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Presumably because they saw no link between his private Morocco Phone Number circumstances and top sport. And this while Accenture immediately ended the collaboration: cheating and accountancy should not be associated with each other. It would have cost Tiger Woods Morocco Phone Number List sponsors between $5 and 12 billion ! Before his cheating, Woods had an estimated annual income of 100 million from sponsorships and only kept the 20 million dollars from Nike. For Lance Armstrong, the damage was even greater. His widespread deception and pivotal role ended not only his athletic career and business, but also his role as founder of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) and Livestrong movement.

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To save LAF and Livestrong, he had to renounce any Morocco Phone Number List involvement. As a personal brand, you can therefore not only make another brand, charity or movement better known and stronger. You can also get into trouble yourself and damage the brand that your support. That is why we examined the effects of two personal brands on the brands they want to make Morocco Phone Number List stronger . We examined the effect of Johan Derksen’s bad joke and the way in which Akwasi became the spokesperson for the Black Lives Matter movement. Akwasi and Derksen In the Netherlands, the discussion about institutional racism flared up in May. Rapper Akwasi acted as spokesman for the Black Lives Matter movement in the Netherlands.

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