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that it’s a very tedious thing to do, but don’t worry, the Facebook ad platform has different metrics that you can analyze quickly and easily: Results: number of website clicks, clicks or impressions based on your goal. Cost: money spent per click on the website. Reach number of people reached by the ad. Frequency: Average number of times each person has seen your ad. Clicks: number of clicks on your ad. Click-through rate (CTR): number of clicks on your ad compared to the number of times it was shown. Spend for the day: The money that was spent on the ad during the current day.

Total Spent: The total money you’ve spent on the ad. Average Price: Average cost per click or cost per thousand. I recommend you review the Peru WhatsApp Number List obtained daily, since in this way you will be able to optimize the advertising pattern and update the key messages. Success story: How to convert Facebook fans into blog subscribers? If you have a content blog , one of your main goals should be to gradually increase your subscriber database. One of the techniques we use to convert facebook fans into blog subscribers with a low advertising budget,

Therefore we decided to use

Therefore we decided to use a very efficient type of ad called “Lead Ads”, which is a new way to get more leads. Quick. You may wonder why you should bet on this type of ads. Well, the answer is simple, with this type of ad conversions will be faster since users will leave their data on the same Facebook screen. For the execution of this announcement we develop the following actions: Creation of a clear and direct message for our target audience. Explanation of benefits for your subscription. Inclusion of an attractive image that encourages conversion.

Peru Whatsapp Number List

We analyze and define who would be the target audience that would view the ad. Development of ad variations, in this way we tested in real time which ad or image worked best. Minimum advertising investment. How to do an analysis and define objectives in social networks Analyzing your brand, audience, and competition is essential to defining goals and having a solid social media strategy. Find out how here. Boost Boost Experts in Inbound Marketing Do you remember my post where

I talked about how to design

I talked about how to design a social media strategy , which is based on three pillars? Yes, it was very general, but now I will explain what each pillar is about, so I will start with Social Monitoring , which is the research stage or search and investigation stage. Social Monitoring represents the basis of a social network strategy, because like any plan, before acting it is better to see the current situation, see the resources that are available and those that are lacking, the strengths and weaknesses, that is, explore the field of battle.

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