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The Dutch spend an average of one and a Estonia Phone Number half hours a day on their timeline. Young people even 2 hours and 20 minutes. For inspiration, to communicate, to entertain or to buy something. An interesting place for marketing professionals to be visible. A large reach and high engagement is often the goal. However, research shows that the Phone Number goals set for social media are not always achieved.

Do marcommers also work with Yes, of course! 40% works on the basis of an annual strategy. ‘No’, answers no less than 30%. And 20% view it every six months. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case for a large group: 31% and 19% respectively answered this question with ‘no’. Both goals are again in 1 and 2 position for the respondents for the Estonia Phone Number coming year.

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High time for Frank watching to investigate Estonia Phone Number among. Our readers where marketing and communication professionals see opportunities. But also challenges. Market research agency Markt effect surveyed 192 respondents that were relevant. To us about their goals and challenges for  The respondents have positions as marketing and communication officer, online Phone Number marketer or director.

The number of respondents may not be very high, but they are in the middle of the target group in terms of relevance. The results of this research certainly provide direction. All results are contained in a whitepaper Estonia Phone Number that you can download below, and a summary of the findings can be read below.


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LinkIn is most often use for Phone Number communication and marketing. Purposes (92%), followed by Facebook (86%) and Instagram (84%). TikTok (7%) and Snapchat (2%) are hardly use. Incidentally, these channels are use more often by organizations where younger marketing communication professionals work, in the 18-34 age group.

In their spare Estonia Phone Number time, Macromer’s are more likely to be on Instagram (91%), followed by LinkedIn (91% and WhatsApp (88%), followed by Facebook (85%) and YouTube (64%). TikTok follows at a distance (21%). 2% do not use social media. The most important goals for the use of social media in the previous year: We also asked whether these goals have Estonia Phone Number been achieved.

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