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At Rock Content we have always stressed the importance of checking in with your personas from time to time to update yourself. It’s a fairly natural thing to do constantly as your business evolves, the services you offer change, and of course your audience refines.

However, we have never done that since the day they were created. And that was in 2013!

These people would probably still be the same to this day if we hadn’t heard some rockers say things like a few months ago:

“I don’t know who our clients are. As much as I try, I’m not sure who we’re talking to and how we can help them.”

Not only have we had the same people for years, they were also nothing like what we work with.

The truth is that everyone saw this outdated document,

Understood that it no longer corresponded to reality and created their own definition. And while this was happening, the mentality of “producing the content for the person” was being lost.

In this way, after the process of restructuring people, we began to Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists work with two: Alejandro García and Fernando Gonzales. We are a B2B company, so our people represent the three sizes of companies we serve: small, medium and large.

In other words, they represent the people who vouch for these companies in contact with Rock Content. For them we direct all our strategies and produce all the content of the blog you are reading.

To synthesize the profiles and facilitate memorization by the team, we created cards that bring people to life . Are here:

Alejandro works as a Marketing supervisor in a

Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists

Technology company in Monterrey (Mexico), focused on Software, in which he has the role of making strategic decisions about the actions of the department.

His objectives:

align content well for good results;
you want to make decisions for the company from the marketing sector;
wants to stand out as an innovative person capable of bringing results to the company;
expects to have ease in delivering quality content;
hates the lack of professionalism and processes with frequent and repetitive errors;
reconcile quality of life with decision-making power.
Their problems:

acquisition of new customers;
customer base retention;
you need to excel at work;
needs the support of superiors;
you need to manage tight budgets.
Ferdinand Gonzalez
Fernando works at a huge private university in Mexico, located in DF (Mexico City). He acts as Marketing Manager, having a large team to constantly manage and train to achieve results, in addition to making important decisions for the direction of the university’s brand positioning.

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