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Sustainability communication plays a key role in informing about the social impact of your brand. However, recent research shows that the sustainability communication of companies Belgium Phone Number is far from in order. As a result, consumers question the company’s intentions. This article describes the five conditions for a credible sustainability promise. Among 1,001 respondents, research by market research agency Market Response . B-open , in collaboration with IV RM Reputation. Shows Belgium Phone Number that consumers rate companies’ sustainability communication as insufficient. More than half (52%) of the Dutch often find the promises about the sustainability of a product implausible. About two-thirds (67%) believe Belgium Phone Number that companies’ sustainability policies are generally unclear.

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There is still a lot to gain for marketing communication Belgium Phone Number professionals . By communicating transparently about sustainable business and by better substantiating promises. figure Figure 1: Degree of agreement of the Dutch (n = 1001) with statements about the sustainability policy of companies and the communication about this Belgium Phone Number Figure 2 Figure 2: The most important aspects of a sustainability promise according to the Dutch  Based on the answers to the question of what a sustainability promise must meet (see figure 2), five conditions emerge for credible Belgium Phone Number sustainability communication.

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Sustainability promises must: 1. Being backed up with facts Do not only tell about your ambitions and vision, but also show which products or activities contribute to sustainability or Belgium Phone Number what the results have been achieved. Last year, a European Union survey found that more than half of online retailers provide no supporting evidence for their sustainability claims. This puts organizations that warn consumers to be critical of Belgium Phone Number such claims, such as the Consumers ‘ Association , on edge. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets states in its Sustainability Claims Guideline that companies must be able to demonstrate that a sustainability claim is correct. They must regularly check that the Belgium Phone Number claim is still valid and revise it if necessary. So make sure that consumers can trust that the information is up to date.

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