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Virgill Olvira knows that feeling. He responds under the Kazakhstan Phone Number List article, we call him. He, an enthusiastically speaking Surinamese Dutchman, has gone through all those phases. Now he has his own agency, which is called MindsetMedia for a reason. “Because that’s what it’s about: how is your mindset in a world that is so diverse, how do you deal with people who are Kazakhstan Phone Number List different. And how much room is there really to be yourself – and to stay?” Is someone of color in an environment that is dominantly white so difficult? “Your environment quickly sees you as a Bounty,” says Maria of the Dutch company with offices across the border. “Brown on the outside, white on the inside.

Prefer A Specific Brand

In her case, this is reinforced by her background: herself Kazakhstan Phone Number List of color, adopted and provided with a traditional Dutch surname. As head of communications, she is responsible for all corporate communications. So she works in an international environment. “I’ve never experienced color as an issue myself,” she says clearly. “Being my wife once in a while.” To describe Kazakhstan Phone Number List this same phenomenon, Virgill casually refers to a ‘cheesy Surinamese’. Do Surinamese really have to ‘relocate’ to be able to settle in a white team? Virgill knows how it works: he did it himself. “It’s hard to be yourself,” he says. “I am very outgoing, can easily get along with all kinds of people. The atmosphere at such an office is quickly like: do your thing, don’t worry too much.

The Competitor Can Be Diverse

Kazakhstan Phone Number List

He saw in himself that he was inadvertently adjusting his own Kazakhstan Phone Number List behavior to what he thought was acceptable. Then you become a mutated version of yourself, just to be able to fit in with your environment. Not an approach that brings out the best in yourself. “I also hear that sound from many other colleagues of color: they adapt, thinking that everything will Kazakhstan Phone Number List be fine. But then they are no longer themselves.” diversity inclusiveness “How much do you talk! You must become a television presenter in the future!” But even if you are that ‘Bounty’, you still get a different treatment. “It was considered very normal for my white colleagues to be ambitious, to say what they were working towards. That was not so easily accepted by people like me, there was soon something like: say, take it easy for a while.”

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