Show Your Audience What You Have To Offer

Make them live the experience of acquiring your service or your product, even better if the guides are the same collaborators of your company! For example, if your business is a cafe, you can live stream a special tasting with different types of coffee. Also, if your business is a five-star hotel, you can show them a tour of the facilities, the various rooms and the views that the lodging offers such as a field or the beach. An example of this is San Roque, who recently offered a Facebook Live in which the preparation of their popular King Kong in a giant version was broadcast live.

Answer your questions Dedicate one of your live broadcasts on a weekly or monthly basis to answering any questions your audience may have for you, promoting Lebanon WhatsApp Number List on your page and giving your followers the opportunity to clarify their doubts. Whether your company is to a specific service. Ask one or more of your specialists to attend this live question and answer session. A clear example of this by the well-known astrology and coaching company “Mia Astral” which sells personal

Prediction And Coaching Packages

to its audience and holds a question and answer session for each special astrological event. facebook_live_for_your_business_mia_astral.png Take online courses Schedule a specific date with your audience to offer them content of interest that educates them and brings them closer to your brand. Remember that the classes you will give them live must be related to the product or service you offer. For example, if your company is to the of furniture manufacturing,


you can offer your audience an online course on decorating offices, living rooms, and other spaces. Today, the coaching and healthy life company offers free courses via Facebook Live. Where it teaches its followers about meditation. facebook_live_for_your_business_holistic_woman.png be transparent Increase the confidence. Of your audience and let them see the work process of your business . For example, if it is a catering company. Allow your followers to see live your kitchens and the preparation of these until the moment of delivery.

The Health Company Mayo Clinic

came to broadcast an operation live and, in turn, offers its followers. The opportunity from time to time to accompany them on a live tour of the facilities. Crowdsource Remember that your customers are the best reference to know if your business is working or not. You can generate a Facebook Live session with your followers to tell them a little about your service. And for them to generate ideas to improve it. Likewise, another option to take advantage of. The power of our audience is to compensate the content that they generate regarding the brand that becomes viral .

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