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We note that Huntington’s disease is cause by a single gene mutation. As Roben Sapolsky sums it up: “If you alter a gene by the tens of thousands, and about halfway through your life, there is a drastic transformation of your personality.” [9] Normal brain and brain affect by Huntington’s disease It seems, then, that our “joy” depends on the details of our biology.

If not, let’s think about the following facts: Could we tell a person with Huntington’s disease to use their “free will” to stop acting in such a strange way? Or do you meditate to grow inward and become less aggressive? Or that he controls his hypersexuality with his will? All this results in a strange idea of personality.

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Due to the inaccessible Canada phone number of our organic soup, there are days when we find ourselves more irritable, funny, talkative, serene energetic or lucid. Our inner life and our outer actions are guid by organic cocktails that we do not have immediate access to or know directly.

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The invisibly small molecules we call narcotics, neurotransmitters, hormones, viruses, and genes can direct and control our behavior. Given the presence of these factors, it is not clear that we have the option to “choose” who we would like to be. As neuroethicist Martha Farah puts it, “Is there anything in people other than a shot of their body?” [10] . Auguste Rodin: The Thinker , 1880. Bronze. 1.89 mx 98 cm x 1.4 m. Rodin Museum, Paris.

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What one ends up with depends on a vast network of factors, and we will probably never be able to establish an unambiguous correspondence between molecules and behavior. However, despite its complexity, our world is directly link to our biology. Against reductionism A common version of materialism is call reductionism; this theory postulates the hope of being able to understand complex phenomena such as happines.

Let’s see that reductionism is not everything. Almost all of us have heard of the Human Genome Project: the sequence of billions of letters in length of our genetic code has been successfully decode. The project has been a historic milestone, but the project has been, in a sense, a failure. Once all the code has been sequence, no answers have been found as to which genes are unique to humanity; what we have discover is a huge recipe book for building the pieces of biological organisms.



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