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So pick up the phone more often, send a message or Australia Phone Number List invitation and build relevant long-term relationships step by step. Trend 2. Authentic content is a must Nothing escapes the test of authenticity. In an era where fake news has come a long Australia Phone Number List way, you no longer know who owns which data and the feeling of control seems to have completely disappeared, consumers are looking for honest and vulnerable stories. Editorial Shows An Enormous Activity thinking is central , also within marketing campaigns. For companies, this means that they would do well to carry out an internal or external journalistic test.

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What should we envision when we think about editorial Australia Phone Number thinking? By placing PR and journalistic thinking at the heart of your campaign, you take an honest look at your story. Where is the real added value? What is the news and distinctiveness? We no Australia Phone Number List longer want to see a fake world, the perfect picture no longer inspires. Honesty and recognisability , yes. Also read: PR power starts with ambition, stories & stakeholders This increases the collaboration between marketing and PR. The disciplines will increasingly collaborate across the board. Better yet, involve PR in campaign development from the start to ensure authentic earned-driven campaigns.

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By involving the news value and journalistic perspective in the Australia Phone Number List campaign from the start, you ultimately have a much better chance of a campaign that touches the heart and generates free publicity. Man reads newspaper with cup of coffee. Trend 3. Personal Australia Phone Number List branding as a PR tool Personal branding will be the PR tool for 2021 and will transcend the ‘normal’ social content of companies. This trend continues and contributes positively to the reputation of an organization. Personalization is in any case key as a counterpart to the rapidly advancing virtual life. This is also a logical consequence of trend 2 which is about authentic content.

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