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But watch out! Volume and range aren’t everything: It is important Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List that you map the reporting both qualitatively and quantitatively. The number of posts and the size of the reach don’t say much by themselves. It is important to also substantively explain which topics have been discussed. Why this is the case and how these messages contribute to your positioning.  Suzanne Sentiment analysis for substantive interpretation In order to properly interpret the content of the reporting, you look at the sentiment. This way you find out whether the reporting around your organization has been positive or negative in nature.

Make Real Connections

A good media analysis provides an overview of your visibility Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number over the past year. Shows you exactly where you stand. Suzanne van Leeuwen , communication advisor at Graydon, says. With annual reports you are able to involve colleagues in the work that the communication department has done. It shows your part in the total Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List picture and is a great way to deliver everything you need to deliver at the end of the year in a nice and clear form. In this way you provide the broadest possible picture of your efforts and media coverage. Which you can then share with all important internal and external stakeholders.” Also read: The annual report online first: 7 great examples.

Think Outside In

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

An annual report helps you to identify the themes to which you Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List can pay attention in communication. You see which buttons you have to turn to maintain and improve your reputation. But where do you start? Which elements are Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List important to make a thorough report? Below I list it for you.  Which ultimately affects your reputation. An annual report clearly shows on which themes you are performing well and less well. What are you criticized for?

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