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You may reach fewer people with that, but the effect will be much Canada Phone Number List greater. So a bit 80s, which automatically makes it more local. The power of SMEs is increasing. It is easier for such companies to personally connect with their community than for a large corporate. Good relationships with your community should be based on trust, honesty and personal contact. Data can Canada Phone Number List support this process. If we are committed to this. 2021 will be a year Social Media Channels of customers who are fans and will not just let your company go. A year in which your free publicity increases through the power of the local and the personal relationship. You will see: then you can only get bigger.

 Social Media Channels You Keep A Cool Head

On to a visible 2021 By reading this article you will be aware of  Canada Phone Number the most important developments that will influence your PR strategy in 2021. The media landscape is more extensive than ever, but by making targeted choices and thinking ‘smaller’ there are more opportunities for free publicity than ever. In addition, 2021 will be based on personal contact as a Canada Phone Number List counterpart to the virtual, lonely last year. The consumer is no longer inspired by Big and Important, but by Authenticity and Relations. Put your audience first! You as a company are a publisher. Make sure you touch the right community from an authentic story. That will definitely contribute to the growth of your visibility, reputation and therefore customers next year. The coronavirus has changed how we work, how we communicate in companies and to customers.

Even In Turbulent Times

Canada Phone Number List

Especially in these turbulent times, video communication Canada Phone Number List will be extremely important. What will video communication look like in 2021? I put 7 video trends in a row for you! 1. Video UGC In 2021 we will see even more user generated video content. These are videos that are made by consumers themselves. The Shoploop app from Google and companies Canada Phone Number List  like OOOOO are responding nicely to this. But we will also see more user generated videos from companies. For example from employees. Think of a ‘ meet the team ‘ video or a farewell video for a colleague that is recorded remotely by people themselves. 2. 1-on-1 videos In this virtual age when we are inundated with emails, it is important to make personal videos. Videos that you really send to one person.

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