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To generate a bond of trust and take a step forward to attract more customers. We explain how. Fiorella Toranzo Fiorella Toranzo The appearance of social networks has represented a radical change in the way we communicate. Without a doubt, this has also meant a new means by which companies can publicize their products and services and also have more interaction with their prospects. However, not all companies know how to use them to attract more customers effectively. In the world of marketing.

Those who do not have a Facebook account , one of the main platforms today, practically do not exist. And this is more important considering that 70% of active Internet users use some kind of social network, according to the latest report by Greece WhatsApp Number List consulting firm Gartner. In social media there is a sea of ​​”prospects” who can become customers. However, it is essential to bear in mind that each user varies according to the platform, since the content is viewed in a different way.

Businesses Need To Avoid Standardizing

their posts across all the accounts they own as they risk their followers no longer seeing their content as important. Why choose social media over other media? First of all, it should be taken into account that social networks can allow you to generate engagement with your audience. This is the type of relationship that users have with a particular brand; the existing commitment. Secondly, you can also talk about Branding when talking about Social Media. But what is this? These are the actions aimed at developing a brand image or, in any case, strengthening it before users.


By betting on social networks, you can spread your company’s message effectively and allow you to position yourself before your users. A third point to consider as a benefit of using social media is crisis management. In the offline world, a dissatisfied customer can go to a service center and make a claim. In social networks, a claim on the wall can become an avalanche of negative comments that would create a digital crisis for the brand. However, the speed of response of this medium makes it easier to contain this eventual problem. It may interest you

What do your customers expect

you to do on social networks? 3 basic rules to attract more customers on social media And surely now you are wondering, what is necessary to take into account to get more visits to your website? Here are three important points: Generate attractive, creative and fresh content The content offered on social networks must be creative, fresh and authentic. This will allow you to obtain a differential advantage with your direct competition, show your commitment to potential clients and also forge a link with them.

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