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Run a search for your most recent ads or use Sprout’s Facebook and Instagram Paid Performance Report in the Performance review section. You can compare these to your industry benchmarks and see how you match up. Companies want to keep their costs low. Looking at metrics like CPC and CPM will tell you if your ads are performing well. sprout social platform showing paid performance Another campaign portion to look at is the objectives section. Are you using the right objectives to fit your advertising goals?


Choosing the wrong objectives may be costly if you don’t catch the mistake early on. Creatives Spend enough time on Facebook and you’ve probably seen the same ad from the same brand multiple times. In fact. you might even take action to hide these ads. During this audit. examine your current creatives. Take note of campaigns that are running too long. especially if engagement drops by the month which means users are losing interest. Repeated ads make for bored customers. which lead to higher advertising costs.


And while we’re here. check that your ad sizes and specs are optimized for the placements you chose. An ad that crops out your product won’t be very effective. Accurate targeting and audiences If you’ve got your ads set up with the best creatives. you want them to reach the right people. Look into your targeting details and see if the target audience is the one seeing and engaging with the ad. If the ads aren’t reaching the right people. then you need to learn how to use ad targeting.

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Creating different audiences helps spread brand awareness and avoids the same people seeing the same ads. The lookalike audience is what you want for finding people similar to your existing audiences. lookalike audience Georgia Phone Numbers on facebook Tips Use this foolproof method to create your Facebook ad strategy Don’t let your ads become stale. Get inspired by these ad campaigns. Are you targeting the same audience too often? Use lookalike audiences in your next ad campaign. 4. Facebook strategy audit

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We’re in the final stretch of the Facebook audit and it’s an important one. Without an effective Facebook marketing strategy. your resources are not being used wisely. This is where more detailed metrics come into play. Scheduling According to Sprout’s data. the best times to post on Facebook are on Mondays through Fridays at 3 a.m. and Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and noon. This is an aggregated data set so your best times may vary from the graphic below. Best times to post on Facebook Global 2022

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Look at your post-level data to see if specific days and times are garnering more engagement than others. Take note if your current schedule does not optimally match up. Posting at the right time for your brand will give you the highest engagement rate. which leads us to the next part of the Facebook audit. Engagement At the post level. you’ll need to review what your engagement rate is like and how your target audience is engaging.


Perhaps some posts have more comments than others. Is there a correlation between your most commented posts? This is an indication that you should continue with this part of the strategy. Sprout’s Facebook Reports in the Engagement section provides you with easy-to-read charts so you know exactly what your engagement level is like. sprout social facebook report The other part of engagement is how you’re interacting with others.

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