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Awareness Awareness is the opposite process. After the application of a harmful stimulus. The animal becomes sensitize and responds more intensely to any other stimulus, even if it is harmless. It is a slightly more complex form of learning and also has a survival value in making the body pay more attention and be more reactive to a potentially dangerous environment.

In humans it can also be observe.  After hearing an explosion we are start by any other noise, even faint.  Or we give an exaggerate response if someone touches our shoulder. In Kandel’s laboratory. Aplysia was sensitize by administering a moderate electric shock to the head or tail. Then any weak stimuli cause an intense retraction of the gill. There is a third form of learning that Kandel studie at Aplysia . Which is a step up the scale of memory complexity.

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It is an associative Singapore phone number because it connects two different stimuli that are initially unrelate to each other. We refer to the so-call classical conditioning. classic conditioning The Russian Nobel laureate . Ivan Pavlov in 1904 incidentally observe a very curious fact. He had several dogs in captivity for his experiments and.  Of course, they were fed regularly.

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As usual, a warning bell rang every time the food was brought to them. One day he confirm that the dogs salivat copiously at the sound of the bell, without the presence of food. He repeate the observation several times and got the same result. That is, the dogs had condition themselves to sound as if it were a food stimulus.

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It is a learning process by which a response (salivation) . That is naturally link to an uncondition stimulus (El) such as food. Is associate with another “neutral” stimulus – condition stimulus. EC – such as the sound of a bell, a light, any other signal, etc. With which it is not originally relate. In this scheme.  The El is a pleasant stimulus – food – but the same happens with aversive stimuli.

Experiment: principles of human memory . The German Hernmann Ebbinghaus was the first to consider studying memory with the same degree of experimentation as a chemical reaction or the acceleration of free-falling bodies. He rent an attic in Paris in the 1980s and took himself as a guinea pig. With infinite patience he spent weeks memorizing lists of meaningless three-letter words, such as DAX, BOK, WUX.

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