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There is still a lot of work to be done! As a result of Venezuela Phone Number List questions and reactions to my article about organizing online events. I share 6 mistakes and how to prevent them. 1. Why are we doing this again? Many organizations dive straight into practical details and production. But actually you first have to take a step back to recalibrate the whole. The reason for Venezuela Phone Number List organizing something online instead of physically. Usually starts with the letter ‘c’. But the underlying reason for organizing something is often mainly driven by a compulsion from management or statutes. Even though the number of physical events has imploded this fall, anyone can set up a webinar in 1 minute and a look at my LinkedIn feed shows that many people have started doing the same.

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It is really necessary to make an analysis first. Is the expected Venezuela Phone Number List audience waiting for this? Can the stated goals be achieved at all? Does the virtual variant not detract from the name of your organization and/or community? From that analysis, I still see many organizations putting their plans on hold until next year. 2. Interaction, what is that? Many organizers Venezuela Phone Number List see online events primarily as a kind of circus. Watch the trick and clap at the right time. The various studies into successful online events show that interaction is really the most important element for an event to be a success. No endless Powerpoints or speakers who talk for more than 20 minutes. You have to ensure that visitors are involved, participate and think in various ways.

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That is a lot more than just a handful of questions from the Venezuela Phone Number List chat box answered by a speaker. Constantly monitoring and (where necessary) adjusting the responses via hashtags, for example, is also highly recommended. Woman yawns at her laptop. 3. Bad Venezuela Phone Number List content, context or control Content is and remains ‘king’ in events. Something that can make or break an event. Unfortunately, I see a lot of errors in content, context and control online. Speakers who have not been properly ‘background check’ and who do not fit into the context at all, let alone appear to be the framed authority. But also in the preparation it visibly, too often, goes wrong.

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