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Establishing feasible war goals (definition of objectives) is essential before jumping into the online world through social networks. Therefore, Social Monitoring is essential in a social media strategy. In simple terms, we cannot reach or achieve if we do not first know what we have. Does your presence on social networks have a strategy? Facebook offers useful new tools that will help your business better reach your ideal customers through its platform. Boost Boost Experts in Inbound Marketing We know that today,

Facebook is one of the most important social networks where companies have to be present, since it is an efficient way to interact directly with your ideal customers. Here I will show you a brief sample of some of the new features and functions Portugal WhatsApp Number List Facebook has included to show businesses how they can get the most out of the Facebook experience. The new tools that Facebook has incorporated STATE Facebook wants the interaction between customers and a brand to be quite real, so now they allow the use of statuses such as ‘away’ in

The Messaging Service

so that users who want to contact them at a certain time are not available, know that there is no one on the other side. facebook-absent.png QUICKLY ANSWERS In addition, it also introduced quick replies for ‘away’ mode, so that when a user writes a message and the page is in this mode, it can automatically post messages like: ‘come back in a few hours’. DIRECT MONITOR The new platform also introduces a tool in the ‘Activity’ tab, which allows you to view user interactions with the page and respond to them from there,

Portugal WhatsApp Number List

without having to go directly to the user’s comment on a post to do so. In this way, you avoid losing the response thread of the messages. The feature is available for both mobile and web browser. The platform has also redesigned the message box, allowing businesses to know personal data of customers who connect with it. In such a way that now, in addition to being able to see past interactions of these users, companies will also be able to know if the potential client who writes is from the same city as the company.

Facebook Established A Few Months Ago

based on the behavior of page administrators, the estimated time it took for them to respond to their users. Information that appeared publicly on the company’s profile as “respond in one hour” or “respond in a day”. Now, under this same scheme. It allows brands to directly define their response time (in minutes, hours, or days), so that. The user who communicates with them knows how long they have to wait to receive an interaction. Facebook also allows page owners of entertainment venues, for example, to sell tickets to. Their events directly on their pages, without having to go to any other website.

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