Technical Localization Resources on the Website

Without the website and blog being technically configured to be visible in the countries with which we want to communicate, this seo and content marketing work would have many limitations.

It is very important to implement geolocation resources on the pages of your domain, so that the algorithm can understand which are the browsing networks to which you want to direct your content.

There are many technical parameters at this point that we will not be able to explore in detail now, so I recommend you read these two blog posts:

Hreflang tags – why they are essential in international seo;

Technical seo : how to set up your domain to appear on google.
6. Link building
I have already mentioned a few times the value of getting quality backlinks for your blog and how this strategy has favored us until today.

The interesting thing is that there are many ways to Australia Accountant Email Lists increase the number and diversity of websites that link to the pages of the content we produce.

Here I present two other link building tactics that allowed us to improve our performance in this area and, consequently, raise the level of the presence of the blog in google.

Guest posting
A company always has others with whom it establishes a friendly relationship, which is very convenient when it comes to achieving backlinks.

This can be done through guest posts,

Australia Accountant Email Lists

Which consist of articles that you produce to publish on other blogs.

The idea is to get in touch with companies that manage content related to your market and propose material topics that you could contribute to their audience. With this you get the following advantages:

Reach a new portion of the public that you did not have;
Achieve mentions of your brand in other environments;
Capture new backlinks of quality and value for search engine positioning;
Educate the market with relevant information about your segment of action;
Position yourself as an authority on a topic.
Here I show you an example of a guest post that we published a while ago on the hotmart blog , which is a benchmark in the field of digital products.

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