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Structural adjustments in the distribution Slovenia Phone Number of. The instruments Philip Kotler mentions in his 1974 article are still in use today. Sometimes only wrapped in a modern jacket. This is remarkable after fifty years of economic renewal. Even more remarkable is that he does not mention a Slovenia Phone Number of instruments that are current at the moment. For example, he does not discuss optimizing the distribution chain. Companies with optimized supply processes, which have the data exchange in the entire chain – including with their distribution partners – in order or Slovenia Phone Number set up (online) made-to-order processes, are much less vulnerable to scarcity.

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They can anticipate changes in Slovenia Phone Number and supply more quickly without this leading to major disruptions. Commodity crisis Photo by Kateryna Babaieva from Pexels resource strategy Slovenia Phone Number also ignores the strategic need to guarantee the supply of raw materials, capital goods and labour. Perhaps he doesn’t think geopolitics belong to the realm of strategic marketing. But whoever has access to the right raw materials does have a unique, defensible competitive advantage. If you want to participate in the energy transition, you cannot do that without, for Slovenia Phone Number, neodymium, cobalt or lithium.

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Has a big lead in this regard. Years ago, China Slovenia Phone Number buying up mining concessions, trading platforms, controlling logistics and taking over production units in. Asia and large parts of Africa. Due to the Slovenia Phone Number crisis and the war in. Ukraine we in the West are only now realizing how vulnerable we are as a result. If we had made good scenario analyzes in a timely manner, we would probably have been better prepared for today’s situation. This article is Slovenia Phone Number in part on Marketing during Periods of Shortage, Philip Kotler, Journal of Marketing Vol. 38, no. 3 (Jul., 1974), pp. 20-29. In a series of 3 articles I describe the similarities between the commodities crisis in the 1970s and the current market.

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