Tell Those Stories On Social Media


Or through a video created from a smartphone , or through post on your blog . Storytelling has become so much easier than ever before, and if your story doesn’t resonate or resonate, unlike before, when you had to go back to spending huge budgets to produce a new TV commercial or radio spot, today day you can take advantage of social platforms, to retell the story immediately and without the high costs that traditional advertising implies. So take advantage of storytelling to create stories that captivate your audience and guide them without pressing towards your goal, to sell, without pushing.

Find in this post, the reasons why you should invest in content marketing 3) Be authentic and transparent. It is very important to inject the personality of the brand, to tell authentic and transparent stories, to achieve that human connection Sweden WhatsApp Number List makes your audience identify with your stories. And finally, 4) Give thanks. For Dave and us, what social media is most good for is apologizing for mistakes and saying thank you for positive feedback. 60% of companies do not respond to the comments of their customers on social networks, so if you still do not do it, do not miss this enormous opportunity to use

Indeed, The Secret To Success Is Simple

Be nice! Now that you have mastered this concept, another important factor that will help you succeed with your social media strategy is advertising, a highly recommended tactic to amplify your digital marketing efforts. Why is social media advertising so effective? Facebook has changed its rules, over the years it has become more and more difficult for companies to reach their prospects and customers without using Facebook advertising, organic reach has decreased significantly, which means that if you are a small business with a very small fan page,

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it means that only a very small percentage of your followers will see your post. The good news is that we see very good results from advertising on social networks. Which will allow you to reach many people in your target audience if you know how. To take advantage of segmentation tools to reach your audience in a very precise way. For example, if you are a restaurant that sells Chinese food in the city, you can segment your audience. To reach people who live exclusively in that city and who like Chinese food, but you can even go further. And segment by area of ​​influence, ages, common interests, etc.,

Which Give You A Unique Opportunity

to reach the right audience at the right time. Another reason why we love digital advertising is the possibility of contextualizing advertising. And amplifying the WOM (Word of Mouth), imagine for a minute that you are sitting at home watching television. And you see one of the commercials that a message appears referring to the fact that your friend likes. The car in the commercial you are watching, or that you are listening to the radio and suddenly in one. Of the spots you hear that one of your friends likes a store selling things for him home…

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