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In addition, it is said that the child performs a series of poses . Which according to the story, are the ones that are worth the entire tip.  Since the child is a specialist in taking pictures with a cell phone.  So social networks turn the entrepreneurial child into a sensation of the square, helping to grow its success. Within the conversation on Facebook, comments have been generate that congratulate the little boy’s initiative. Such as the following, made by Vanny Aragón, who comments: “That is a future businessman…

Tequila is a city in the state of Jalisco. Which is known worldwide for the production of the alcoholic beverage that bears its name.  This tourist area of the country offers, among other things, visitors the possibility of visiting the National Tequila Museum.  As well as knowing and tasting the great internationally recognize tequila houses. It is estimat that Mexico receive approximately 28.4 million tourists so far this year.

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This is one of the Armenia phone number that generates the most tourism in Mexico both internationally and nationally.  This aspect gives the locals the opportunity to obtain extra earnings.  As demonstrate by a small entrepreneur, the community in social networks celebrates the initiative of the little one in addition to commenting on the economic situation of the country.  Which force him to work at such an apparently young age.

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A user on Twitter share the image showing the boxes of Christmas gifts wrappe with the brands of Ikea. Oxxo, 7-Eleven, Coppel, Walmart, Petco, Casa Ley and Waldo. A user on Twitter recently share his creative Christmas wraps where he use the different facades of some of the most emblematic brands in Mexico. The creative idea please the community manager of 7-eleven.  Who did not hesitate to respond to the consumer’s post.

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Customer loyalty consists of retaining earn customers, who continue to buy your products or services thanks to the positive experiences they have had with your company. Christmas is the perfect season to give, receive and surprise more than one person with creative gifts on the tree. A user on Twitter, he recently share his creative Christmas wraps where he use the different facades of some of Mexico’s most iconic brands.

The image publish by the shows the gift boxes wrapp with the brands of Ikea, Oxxo, 7-Eleven, Coppel, Walmart, Petco, Casa Ley and Waldo. “This #Christmas I had to wrap the gifts of the rebatinga and I did it like this. How was it for me? There is a and even a Santa Claus Christmas tree, ”says the young man’s post.

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