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That exists and is available through social platforms . And what do you think after listening to Dave’s arguments? Do you think it’s worth being “nice”? Even if after all this you still think you don’t have much to say on social media, you can take advantage of it, to listen, but remember, even if you don’t have a social profile, people are talking about you, so I wouldn’t leave it to chance the construction of the reputation and image of my brand in the hands of third parties. If you want to hear the full interview with

Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable, you can do so in the following video. If you are the manager or director of a company, who wants to implement solid foundations for your social media strategy from the beginning, you have many fans but you Switzerland WhatsApp Number List that nothing is happening with them or you want to take better advantage of social media advertising to better reach your target audience, contact us to help you improve your customer acquisition strategy on social networks.

Analysis And Recommendations Of Tottus

controversial campaign for the Copa América 2015. How it could affect your Online Reputation. #TremblaTottus Founder – CEO On the occasion of the Copa América, held this year in Chile, Tottus, a supermarket chain, launched a promotional campaign, which has caused some discomfort to most Peruvian consumers. According to its General Manager, with this campaign they seek to position themselves in the segment of household appliances,

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particularly as an option for consumers looking to acquire a television, that is why the marketing team designed a campaign where if Peru reached the final they would return the value of the purchase for the televisions that were purchased on certain dates. The first thing we should ask ourselves is if the Tottus marketing team saw the controversy that its promotion could generate, even more so taking into account the Chilean origin of the brand, and the football frustrations of recent years

Consumers Took It As A Mockery

of the faith of the fans, since statistically, it is unlikely that. It will reach the final and therefore no one would get their money back. We know that today, consumers have a reliable, efficient and secure tool in social networks. Where they share their opinions, positive or negative, and that these can have an immediate impact. That in a few hours, can improve or destroy the online reputation of a brand . Given this current reality. You can have the best intention with your marketing campaign,

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