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Emotional memory appears to be active from birth. Indicating that the amygdala develops more rapidly than the hippocampus in ontogenetic terms. The amygdala also serves as an intermediary in the association of memories form by different senses. The amygdala is therefore responsible for emotionally charge memories.

When the amygdala is remove from experimental animals. Usually monkeys, they are no longer able to associate fear with a sound that is always preced by an electric shock. These animals may well learn other tasks. But they are unable to learn and remember fear. Emotional conditioning is impossible when the amygdala is missing. Example. War Veterans But it can become pathological when a returning soldier does not realize that the danger situation has pass.

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If you are still in your city Turkey phone number anxiety and a sense of threat and reliving the scenes of war in your mind. If you hear a loud noise in the street you will take refuge. It is call post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). During World War I this phenomenon was known as Shell shock . 306 English soldiers who show these symptoms and refusd to return to the front were execute.

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In a situation of EPT the amygdala has fulfill its task . So well that the veteran’s prefrontal cortex fails to make him see that the danger has already pass. In order for the amygdala to be activate in a situation of danger.  The presence of a neurotransmitter, norepinephrine, is necessary. Hence, attempts have been made to use beta blockers.  Which have the opposite effect, to prevent a traumatic experience from being record too intensely in the amygdala, so that veterans are not later assaulte by bitter memories.

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Mexico is an important country in the streaming content industry. So the integration of Benny Emmanuel will be beneficial for everyone” . Disney plus confirms new Miles Morales series for 2023 The Mexican Benny Emmanuel will star in the new installment of the Marvel universe . The appointment is due to the intention of the actor demonstrat in previous days.

Spider – Man, is the quintessential superhero.  The favorite of all generations and the one with the most parodies and fans in the world of social networks.  After the resounding success of the recent premiere of the new Spider-Man installment (Spider -Man: No Way Home), which broke audience records.  Genre brawls and caused a collapse of the networks and box offices looking for a ticket.  It is not surprising that everyone is looking for their place within the franchise;

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