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To get in touch, to keep the contact warm or to answer a question. You can Denmark Phone Number List send these videos via e-mail or WhatsApp, but also via LinkedIn, for example. 3. Shopping and outings via live streams Shopping in the busy center, sniffing culture in or outside the Denmark Phone Number List Netherlands and making other trips. Because this is currently difficult or even impossible, we will increasingly ‘do’ this via live streams in 2021. A chocolate tasting? Everyone gets The Crisis Communication a nice bowl of chocolate sent home and follows a live stream online at the same time. You can also shop live, via Amazon or YouTube for example. Influencers will again be able to play a major role here.

The Crisis Communication The Turbulence Of Social

Short vs long video The big question remains: what is the Denmark Phone Number  ideal length for a video? Now that Instagram and YouTube have taken over TikTok’s short videos, it looks like TikTok may hit back this year with the ability to post longer videos. Namely, from 3 minutes. So the battle Denmark Phone Number List seems to be going on for a while. If you ask me I would say: let the length of the video depend on the wishes of your ideal viewer. Before you ask yourself: how long should the video be? First think: who is the viewer? And what is my viewer waiting for? 5. Make and watch videos on the phone Not only are we watching videos on the phone for longer, we are also making more videos on the phone.

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The technology to make professional videos with the phone is Denmark Phone Number List developing at a rapid pace. Especially now that we can’t always meet, it is useful to be able to record a few things with your smartphone. This year there will probably be even more apps that, for example, can subtitle or translate your video in no time, blur a background, or make it possible to Denmark Phone Number List work with standard company templates. 6. Storytelling & Real People After a tough year (and of course we haven’t gotten over it yet) most people are not waiting for hard sales videos and perfect pictures. We look for stories that connect. Real people. Videos that show what it really is like. So look up those stories in 2021. Don’t make videos with perfect people and a hard sales pitch, but make the connection.

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