the crown epidemic prevention

However, in september, due to the violence against the neck of. The 14-year-old boy who did not wear a mask , the western police also appeared. On the international media page. After the crown epidemic Paraguay Phone Number prevention. The issue of the conflict between the police and the people has become more complicated. Deeply mired in the unemployment problem in madrid. The young protagonist manuel. Who was exploited both at work and in residence. Suffered an unprovoked attack by a public servant at the door of his house, and in self-defense he severely injured the other party.

Faced with a

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lifelong prison sentence, his only way to survive is to flee, as far as possible from madrid, and to cut off all means of contacting him. If it were in taiwan, manur would probably have nowhere to hide except absconding out of the country. But in spain, there was an unexpected way of life. The  gap between urban and rural development after the industrial revolution in the 19th century widened, and the transportation became more convenient, and the rural population moved into cities or larger settlements in large numbers, which also created a large number of “” uninhabited village”.

In 2015

Tt reported abandoned village of la estrella. A couple lived without water and electricity for 45 years. The author himself, lorenzo, is not only a successful director, but also tired of the fierce competition, so he moved to an uninhabited village to start his life of escape, becoming the spanish version of tao yuanming who “reclusively seeks aspirations and does not eat zhou su”.

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