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The brain is adapt to achieve extreme efficiency; therefore it distorts the incoming information to adapt it to the current beliefs about the world. The stereotypical trend occurs when the brain tries to adapt the information . It receives to store it classifie into certain categories. These are often associate with certain beliefs or sensations, and the stereotype is base on this association.

This theory of stereotyping was first formulate in 1954 by Gordon.  Allport  in his book The Nature of Prejudice . And is fully accept in the field of psychology. Experiment: Stereotypes In one study, subjects were given a list of typically. “White” names (e.g., Frank Smith and Adam McCarthy) mix with typically “black” names (e.g., Tyrone Washington and Darnell Jones).

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There were no Pakistan phone number on the list, but when ask to identify the names of criminals they had seen in the news.  The average subject “remember” that he had seen the names “black” 1.7 times more than the names. “White.” It is probably this stereotype that helps to criminalize black individuals more often than others . Some recent studies show that memories that are activate at a particular conscious moment can influence performance.

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In one study, several Asian college students underwent a math exam, and the group score well. A second group was then subjected to the same examination, but a few moments earlier they were remind that they were women. The result was inferior. When members of the third group were remind, prior to the examination.  That they were of Asian nationality, the results were higher than the average of the first group.

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Stereotypes that is, active conscious memories that, when evoked, induce a stereotypical tendency shape our cognitive mechanisms for processing new information differently. This imperfect memory system that we possess probably suits our needs well. Who wants to live with a literal memory of the past? After all, most of our relaxing recreational habits, or self-therapy, go through the attenuation of memories.

Daniel Dennett noted that “only organisms capable of retrieving stored information for the purpose of increasing the likelihood of reaching an adaptive end ” benefit from memory . From this evolutionary perspective, memory does not have to be perfect. We do not need to remember the exact details. The storage of essential aspects of the experience is a factor that explains why memory has evolved to better remember the essence than the details of events.

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