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Your attitude is not as vibrant as before, but you are still El Salvador Phone Number List there. That’s why it’s important to keep your audience updated on how you’re doing. After all, your visitors are your good friends: just as you miss them as a stage or museum, they also miss El Salvador Phone Number List going to your institution. So also show how you are doing and what is currently going on. Even if this is still uncertain. Your supporters are not only your visitors, they are also your employees – for whom their work may also suddenly be completely different or have disappeared. Take them with you in the ups and downs you experience as an organization and involve them in telling their story or thinking about alternative programming.

This Should Appeal

At some cultural organizations there has been more El Salvador Phone Number coordination and cooperation between the departments since corona, where this was less the case in the ‘old situation’ due to habituation. Focus on what really matters In the first months, the cultural sector showed its greatest quality: dealing creatively with the possibilities of storytelling. Online theater El Salvador Phone Number List performances, guided tours via Instagram stories or music quizzes via Zoom: everyone went into digital do-it-yourself mode. And that resulted in great initiatives, but not always with the same effect. That is of course not a problem in an experiment. But after eight months, it may now be time to take a step back.

To Your Specific

El Salvador Phone Number List

And to look critically at whether what you do really suits El Salvador Phone Number List your organization. Do not think too quickly in statements that you encounter at other fellow institutions. But with all choices, dare to ask the question of questions: why are we doing this, and for whom? Does an influencer campaign suit your audience or identity? Why do you even want to give a tour? Start with what you stand for and how you want to convey that. Then the way follows naturally. Show how it works exactly at your institution ‘at home’ People are selective in where they go and are generally still reluctant due to the corona measures. Only communicating an exhibition or concert with cultural marketing is therefore not sufficient at the moment. Take potential visitors along in the total experience.

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