The hidden gems of Google Ads

You know what they say, you often have to look for the best things in life. The same can be said of Google Ads. There are all kinds of features and capabilities that hide in plain sight. Waiting to be discovered.

One such hidden gem is its advanced control feature. To find these, navigate to Tools and Settings > Bid Strategies. Then look for the button labeled “advanced controls.”

Once you’ve found these, you can make 2 important adjustments: ‘Data exclusions’ and ‘Seasonal adjustments.


Data exclusions

Data exclusions allow you to exclude certain data points from the total data set. This can be useful if there has been a measurement problem or if you want to exclude certain outliers. The data is not visibly removed, but it does ensure that it is no longer included by the Google Ads algorithm.

Suppose there has been a measurement problem, then this Bahamas Phone Number can cause the algorithm to go wrong. If you suddenly measure twice as much turnover, that is food for your bidding strategy to start bidding on, while this is not the intention. Data exclusions will fix this.

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Seasonal Adjustments

This tool allows you to adjust bids during upcoming events, such as a sale or promotion. Only use seasonal adjustments if you expect significant changes in conversion rates, as Smart Bidding already manages seasonal events. (The name of the tool is a bit confusing, I know ).

Seasonal adjustments are ideal for short events from 1 to 7 days. They don’t work as well if you use them for longer periods (more than 14 days at a time).

If you have an event coming up that you think could benefit from seasonal adjustments, give it a try. In effect, you’re saying to the algorithm, “Watch out, I expect a spike in sales to arrive, make sure you’re ready?

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