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An employee of Digital Equipment Corp, Gary Thuerk, sent the first email marketing blast in 1978. He sent an email promoting his company’s computers to 400 recipients, and it netted $13 million in sales – about $78.8 million today.

Even today, well-crafted emails that are targeted and meaningful can be one of the most effective marketing methods to connect with your audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Email Marketing Benefits

While email marketing may conjure up memories of the last spammy message you received, a customer-centric email spurs action from your leads. If you want to nurture customer relationships and increase profits, a nuanced email marketing campaign ticks all the boxes:


Block time in your calendar if you Uganda Phone Number don’t feel like inviting people. If you find that too much hassle, you can create time slots in your agenda in which walking consultations are the standard. If someone wants to Uganda Phone Number meet with you at that moment, it becomes common knowledge.  In this way, you will also find out who likes to go outside Uganda Phone Number for a meeting. And don’t any of your colleagues dare? Then use that moment to, for example, handle some phone calls on foot. 7. Experiment with different forms of knowledge.

No More Mistakes With Promote Your Business

The next step is to experiment with Uganda Phone Number many different working methods. The more different ways you’ve tried, the sooner you’ll see opportunities to know. Martine shares bingo cards in her book that help you with these kinds of experiments. There is also a bingo card that deals with the different forms of knowledge,

which she Uganda Phone Number also discusses in detail in her book. For example, it says: “Do a recap-weeting,” “Organize a brainwalk,” and “Take a difficult discussion outside.” It pays to make others enthusiastic: it takes some effort in the beginning, but if you can get your colleagues on board and they then invite you too, then you Uganda Phone Number don’t always have to be the initiator.

Never Lose Your Promote Your Business Again

Take a group of colleagues in tow. Have you Uganda Phone Number got a taste for it? Then get started with the bingo cards for groups (which you can, of course, also make yourself). An encounter with a group requires a little more preparation, but there is also a good chance that colleagues will be very grateful to you, because you give them a new

You have a vision for successful email marketing. We can help make it happen. Contact your local WSI consultant for an email marketing strategy that is fruitful and relevant in 2021 and beyond.

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