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Especially if you cite the source. And Ukraine Phone Number know it by now: trust is the driver for conversion. So by naming numbers you increase your chance of the coveted click. That gets even better if you choose Ukraine Phone Number numbers well and substantiate them. Think of sharing research data and how many people previously bought this product, how many people already receive your newsletter or how many people are already members of your community. The more specific your numbers are, the more Ukraine Phone Number you are to gain the reader’s trust. How does this work.

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When we see exact numbers, our Ukraine Phone Number thinks: that must have been well thought out. That has been researched in detail. It will be right. Hoppa, the reader’s confidence in the pocket . Compare the following row. Which numbers feel the most reliable? More than 90 people preceded Ukraine Phone Number OR 98 preceded you. This product costs 1,000 euros OR This product costs 1,124.35 euros. House prices rose 10 to 15% OR House prices rose by 14.4%. 6. Make numbers work for you. Present it smartly. Honesty is the best policy. That is why I always present the correct figures, but in a way Ukraine Phone Number fits my story.

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That can be such a graph or table. It is always a Ukraine Phone Number that fits the (positive) mindset that I want to achieve with my target group. How do you formulate positive figures? The following examples Ukraine Phone Number show you: Your own pension contribution is 2% ⇒ 98% of your pension is paid by us. 25% of the occupants did not survive the plane crash ⇒ 8 of the 12 occupants survived the plane crash. For 250 euros you can work out for a year ⇒ For 0.68 euros a day you can work out. 7. Apply price psychology with numbers When you talk about numbers, you often talk about data, but Ukraine Phone Number often about prices. If you are talking about prices, it is better to apply price psychology.

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