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I am not looking for moral arguments or activist Taiwan Phone Number List contributions. But knowledge, tips and advice. Preferably based on own experiences in practice. Best practices , glorious failures, manly attempts… Everything is welcome, as long as we can learn something from it. Also read: Personas & diversity: the art of omission and naming diversity. When it comes to Taiwan Phone Number List diversity I mean cultural background, economic and social position, conservative or progressive mindset. Views on value (what matters to you?). In short, anything that makes people different in their preferences, behaviour, knowledge levels, ways in which people want to be approached, and also the tone you use.

Unlike Last Year

The discussions about Black Lives Matter in the media in Taiwan Phone Number recent months have already achieved some great successes. In the media world and in public and private organizations we now wonder how diverse we really are. Not only in our communications and our spokespersons, but especially behind the scenes: with our communication teams, our advertising Taiwan Phone Number List agencies, the content creators, the influencers, and whatever else we use to build bridges to our audience. Twin women. More than just color So diversity is not just a matter of color. It is also: origin, environment, language and dialect, culture, and most importantly: your mindset . But let’s start with color, that seems to be the most important discussion point and yardstick against which we are setting this debate at the moment.

When I Gauged The

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Color is important because people, consciously or Taiwan Phone Number List unconsciously, reflect: they measure themselves and others by the image, the appearance. Perhaps more than I was aware of until now, I admit. I always thought it was about what you say, how you behave, and less about how you look. That assumption turns out to be wrong, and we are helped by recent research in Taiwan Phone Number List that insight. Rutger Bregman explains in his bestseller Most people good (aff.) clearly legible how often we ‘mirror’. We are more likely to believe people if they are like us. And we bond more easily with people who are similar to us than with people who are less physically similar to us . Skin color is of course essential in this. More important than we thought – than I thought, anyway.

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